Artist statement

My work is made in fine bone china, a material renowned for it’s pure whiteness, fineness, translucency and strength. Bone china is traditionally an expensive┬ámaterial, as each piece needs a ‘setter’, which is a separate piece, used to support the form during the firing and then discarded afterwards. Bone china is also technically very challenging to work with, but the beautiful results are worth it.

My pieces are very time consuming and involve several processes, and are made entirely by hand.

I use photography in the design process to create the surface designs. The patterns are inspired by natural forms, particularly by skeletal plant structures that I photograph and enlarge.

I leave the surface unglazed, but as the clay is fully vitrified and totally non-porous, the pieces are fully washable with a scourer and detergent if any marks should occur. Despite my work intentionally looking extremely fragile, bone china is actually a very strong material, and more resilient than it appears to be.